31. januar 2015   
 Ankomst og avgangstider  

Ankomst Rygge flyplass ca 45 minutter før siste innsjekk.
Avgang fra Rygge flyplass 40 minutter etter faktisk flyankomst fra Ryanair.

Ankomst og avgangstider for fly på Rygge


 Rygge-Ekspressen general infomation in english  
Rygge – Ekspressen is the only airport express coach service between Oslo and Moss airport Rygge
The Rygge-Ekspressens departure from Rygge airport approx 40 minutes after flight arrival time.

In case of flight delays, Rygge – Ekspressen will wait for Ryanair flights. 

Seat-guaranteed - no reservation necessary. Extra coaches will be laid on when required.

Full timetable for the Rygge-Ekspressens please see "Rutetider". Select route "velg rute" and day then click "Finn bussavganger".

If flight departure times change or flights are cancelled, the Rygge – Ekspressen departure time will be changed at short notice. Visit our website at www.rygge-ekspressen.no for the latest updates or call trafikanten at (+47) 177 for information about travel time for Rygge – Ekspressen.

Rygge-ekspressen is operated by Unibuss Ekspress AS. Unibuss Express AS is an independent provider of bus services, including airport express coach service between Oslo and Moss Airport Rygge. See also our other products.



Rygge – Ekspressen accept only Norwegian currency (NOK) or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners or AmEx).

Lost property:
For items that are left on coaches, please contact us at (+47) 67 98 04 80 on weekdays from 08:00-16:00 or E-mail

The UniBuss Ekspress AS will not accept responsibility for any lost property and will not cover cost of returning lost items to the owner.


Rygge-Ekspressen kjøres av Unibuss Ekspress AS. Unibuss Ekspress AS er en uavhengig tilbyder av busstjenester, herunder tilbringertransport til og fra Moss lufthavn Rygge.      Se også våre andre produkter.



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